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Bringing LJ Back

I'mma preface this by saying.... I haven't been on LJ since like... 06? ish? Maybe 07, but my last entry seems to be 06. That was when I was a wee little high school girl. Things seemed so much more complicated back then, and now it all seems so simple. Like, seriously, I wish I could go back to my 8th grade self (who was apparently pining over some asshat saxophone player) and slap that sniveling little fool and say "STUDY MOAR!!!! GO TO COLLEGE!!!" because I was the dumbass who tried to make a go of it in the military (with a history of asthma and emotional instability) rather than go to a college that wanted me just because the one college I wanted wouldn't give me a full ride after I failed spectacularly at Calculus.

FFS, Self, what were you THINKING??

So.... all entries up to this point are locked as "private," because, tbh, I just don't feel like being judged based on some stupid crap I said when I was in the 13-15 range. I'm older, wiser, and far less whiny these days.