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New boss down in WoW

I feel like my little guild is actually doing pretty well in the whole raid scene, especially since we only raid 4 hours a week. Sure, we haven't downed Garrosh on Normal, but can you point me at a guild who raids as little as we do that has?

ANYWAY... Our progression as been something to the tune of, every week that we have ALL of our raiders who up for both raid nights (and some of our raiders are active duty military, so they can't always ALL show up. It's not an attendance problem; it's a "life happens" problem) we get a new boss down. THIS week, we didn't raid on Wednesday because it was the night before Thanksgiving, and I, for one, was going to have to skip that night because I had family in town. I guess enough other raiders were in similar situations because the whole raid was cancelled. We did raid on Sunday, though, and we extended the previous week's lockout to face down Malkorok. We downed Malk for the second time ever, and took our first look at Spoils. After many, many wipes to the enrage, we finally pulled it off, and phat lootz were had by much of the raids.

I can't say that I'm particularly happy about the upcoming WoD raid changes, but I definitely like the bonus loot rolls added in MoP.

I didn't get loot, but nobody's going to shed any tears about that because, at this point, the only upgrades for me are going to be heroic loot or normal mode Best In Slot items. I'm really happy seeing int cloth NOT dropping, to be honest. It's upsetting when they have to shard it because I'm the only one who can use it and either A) I'm already wearing it, or B) I may not be wearing  THAT particular item, but what I am wearing is itemized better and/or best in slot.

I'm looking forward to WoD because I don't want to leave my current raid, but I WOULD like to up my raid time a bit, and the whole "YOU get an insta 90! and YOU get and insta 90! EVERYONE gets an insta 90!!!!" thing is going to enable me to have a new raiding lock without having to go through the painful process of leveling and gearing a fresh alt.

"Why another warlock and not some other class?" you might ask? ....Because I know how to play a lock already, and I can show other raiding guilds the kind of uberdps that my current one pulls in current content, and be like "You can have this in YOUR raid for WoD."

Also: I have noticed a marked increase in my reaction time since getting the new gaming mouse. My CoE and Immolate uptimes are greater, and I spend less time standing in fire. Not that I stood in fire a lot before, mind you, but I get out of it faster. Still using KJC for my 90 talent, although I find myself using GoSac for raiding more and more, only switching back to GoSup for solo content out in the world.